Coconut Sand Scrub


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Nzuri once again has brought a game changing skin care product!


Coconut Sand Scrub is an intense face & body scrub perfect for all skin types.


With a load of benefits such as; clears dead skin, helps with blood circulation, clears impurities out of pores, antibacterial, anti-fungal, helps with dark spots, fades scars, hydrates dull skin, helps with wrinkles, has anti ageing properties, detoxifies the skin, cellulites & many more!


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9 reviews for Coconut Sand Scrub

  1. Nicole

    I’m excited about this scrub!! Can’t wait to receive mine

  2. Linda

    I have so far used, soap, pomade and oil and I love them… Will share review after using the scrub as well.

  3. Anna

    The best natural skin care product.. can’t wait to receive mine

  4. Priscilla wilson

    I can’t wait for the scrub

  5. Priscilla wilson

    I can’t wait

  6. Priscilla wilson

    Am ordering.g one scrub

  7. Mrs Osae


  8. Luisa Awuah

    The scrub is fantastic. First yime I used it my skin felt like a newborn baby. So effective just like the other products. I talked my boss into buying them and she’s happy about the results.

  9. Abena Agyeman (verified owner)

    The scrub is the truth it gives your skin a soft and smooth finish without making your skin dry I love love love it 🫢😩πŸ”₯

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